f2a architecture | Based in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, our team offers architecture, industrial design, landscape design and planning services internationally. Florian Maurer, who set out from Munich in the 1970s to design buildings in the isolated communities and harsh climate of the Yukon Territory, leads our team. We enjoy designing and building with diverse constraints and with diverse inspiration. Our mission is to bring appropriate technology to those on the periphery, while offering urban solutions based on what we learn in doing so. Our way is to celebrate the cultural diversity of our beautiful planet.

Florian Maurer | In 1974 I left munich's “technische universität” with a degree in architecture. 1 day after graduation I left Germany: I wanted to find the “meaning of life” in Canada's far north as a homesteader, fisherman, bush pilot and tourist guide. Of course I haven't found it. In 1993 I opened my first architecture practice in Whitehorse, where I designed the Tr'ondek Hwech'in Cultural Centre, and designed buildings better adapted to the conditions of Canada's North than generic imports from the South. I have also practiced in Italy, Romania, and now in southern British Columbia, where, in warm weather, I designed and built my house in Naramata. I am still looking for illumination, but my efforts are getting less spectacular. My painting is part of this search.

Austin Hawkins | I come from a family of builders and artists in New York State. At a young age, I went to France to study drawing. I heard meaning, a construct of culture, coded in language. In 2009, I won a fellowship to research earth construction techniques in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. I witnessed the scope of the challenge humanity faces. I studied architecture at UBC in Vancouver and designed buildings in California and BC's interior before founding f2a with Florian. I meditate on the relationship between form and culture: between skateboard wheels and sculpted concrete under the metropolitan bridge. I understand structures and mechanisms through body awareness, the basis for my architecture.

Eric Lajoie | Born in Canada, I grew up in Indonesia, and have also lived in England, Italy, Japan and Malta before heading to interior BC to join f2a. Exposure to diverse cultures and places has expanded my imagination and motivates my design thinking. After graduating with my master’s degree, I spent 2 years as a carpenter and then a cabinet maker working with my hands physically joining materials together with adhesives, tenons, screws, nails, and will power. Craft continues to inform the way I approach design thinking and drawing. I work to create beautiful spaces and objects derived from a sense of humility, practically and simplicity.

Florian Jungen | I grew up amongst the drafting tables and construction sites of a family design and construction business. After completing a master's degree in architecture at Dalhousie University in Halifax, I worked in prominent offices in Berlin, Montreal, Vancouver and Penticton. As an architect registered in Alberta, I continue to collaborate with the family business. In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing and ski touring. In the winter I spend time in Northern BC working as a heli ski guide.